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The MTV EXIT Campaign realizes that not everyone has an access to MTV channels, and hence, we are always looking to partner with terrestrial broadcasters to air our programs so a wider audience can be educated about human trafficking.

MTV EXIT programs are offered rights free and free of charge to any broadcasters. If you are interested to pick up any of our shows, please email us at for more information.

Please click on this link for the entire list of our programming library.

We recommend these shows for your channel:

Long-form programs

Inhuman Traffic (hosted by Angelina Jolie): a compelling documentary that provides an introduction to the human rights tragedy of trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation in Europe. The documentary evolves around the trafficking chain and includes interviews from the people in it including trafficking victims, a potential victim, a young man who pays for sex and an anti-trafficking police officer.

Traffic (hosted by Lucy Lui): focused on the human trafficking problem in the Asia-Pacific region and similarly uses interviews from victims and other people in the trafficking chain. This program is also available in 11 other Asian languages, each of which is narrated by a local celebrity such as Rain, Tata Young and Karen Mok.

Rise: a Tough Ascent (hosted by Kate Miller Heidke) : follows the Australian artist around Nepal in the days leading up to her appearance at the MTV EXIT Live show there. The documentary includes her visit to a rehabilitation centre where she had the chance to talk to some girls who have escaped from the trafficking industry.

Short forms

12 Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for Western market and 10 PSAs for Asian market are available. These run to about 30 seconds to one minute in length. Should you request it, we also have versions of these PSAs available without the MTV logo.

Music videos by Radiohead and the Killers. The Radiohead Video All I Need is shown in split screen: one side depicting a day in the life of a young child from an affluent, developed area; the other showing the day in the life of a child being forced to work in a sweatshop. The Killer’s video Goodnight, Travel Well is a hard-hitting view of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Both videos are also available in one minute versions.