• MTV EXIT Youth Ambassadors at a roadshow event in Cambodia
UNICEF Youth in Action!

Youth in Action!

Children and youth are one of the most vulnerable populations to fall into the hands of a trafficker. But children and youth are also some of the most vocal advocates in the anti-trafficking movement. When youth I’ve worked with learn about the realities of what trafficking looks like worldwide, when they hear that 27 million […]

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Street Children Day

If the Whole World Were Listening, What Would You Say?

All around the world, street-connected children are being asked, “If the whole world was listening what would you say?” It is one way for them to speak out on 12th April – the International Day for Street Children. The Day provides a platform for the millions of street children around the world, and their champions, to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored.

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Every Friday we try to do something a bit off-the-wall and fun across out social media platforms. Today we wanted to share a cool keyboard instrument we found. Click on the square below to activate the drum machine. Then press any letter between A and Z on your keyboard to make some music.

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MTV EXIT Film Contest

Pick Up Your Camera and Fight

Knowledge is power. A big part of the MTV EXIT campaign to help prevent modern slavery hinges on that premise. Human trafficking is a largely misunderstood crime – even the words “human trafficking” are confusing – and it is this confusion that traffickers take advantage of in order to lure or trick their victims into a life of forced labour, of forced sex work; of slavery.

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Ideas Worth Spreading

I assume you’re familiar with the title. I’m an advocate for sharing things that are worthwhile and have a positive impact on our society. My biggest passion is sharing. Educating people, making jokes, and engaging them in debates and discussions with the hope of spreading inspiring stories. It’s been 6 months since I was appointed […]

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When Thai rockers, Bodyslam, walked into the MTV EXIT Youth Sessions in Udon Thani unannounced without any prior warning, our 24 youth ambassadors were a little overwhelmed to say the least! Imagine that many people screaming in unison. Yup, that’s what happened!

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Youth Sessions In Udon Thani: Inspiring Youth To Stand Up Against Human Trafficking

Twenty-four young people from all over Thailand came together in Udon Thani from 11-14 March to learn about human trafficking, and how they can help prevent it from happening in their communities. From filmmaking and visual arts workshops, to an inspiring discussion with a trafficking survivor and a surprise visit by Thai rockers Bodyslam…

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Slot Machine: The power of music in the fight against human trafficking

QUESTION: Are you excited to partner with MTV EXIT again?

SLOT MACHINE: We’re excited and honored to join MTV EXIT for our second time round for MTV EXIT LIVE in Udon Thani. This year’s show is going to be bigger and better than ever!

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Cdebaca at MTV EXIT G+ Hangout

It Starts with One Person, It Starts with YOU!

The solutions to global problems start when one person decides to take action and make a difference. We know that trafficking in persons takes place in every county around the world and victims include adults and children, men and women, and citizen and non-citizens alike. Across the globe, it is estimated that approximately 27 million […]

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MTV EXIT celebrates World Radio Day!

TODAY is World Radio Day — a day to celebrate radio as a medium that promotes access to information, freedom of expression and gender equality over the airwaves. To celebrate, we’re excited to host a RADIO SPOTLIGHT below! In November 2013, 23 youth at the MTV EXIT Roadshow in Mae Sot took part in recording […]

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